Aphrodite's Heiress

Apr 23


you’ve experienced at least one of these signs/symptoms

that about does it

Sherlock. Every freaking time.

Apr 23



I deserve love.
I deserve this life.
I am stronger than my past.
I am stronger than the dark.

I am glory.
I am light.

Apr 23
Apr 23

quote The earth laughs in flowers.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (via universal-wanderer)
Apr 22


On Earth Day, These Photos Remind Us Just How Little We Know Of The Planet We Call Home

Happy Earth Day! Every year on April 22, the world celebrates this amazingly diverse planet we call home, focusing on ways to protect it from the often destructive practices of its human inhabitants. While many of these efforts focus on the conservation of Earth’s most fragile habitats, we frequently forget just how extreme and alien-like our own planet can be. The photos below showcase Earth’s unbelievably varying landscapes and remind us that we often live our lives confined only to a minuscule part of this amazing planet.

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Apr 21
Yay! My newest amazon purchase came!! Huzzah! :D #vegan

Yay! My newest amazon purchase came!! Huzzah! :D #vegan

Apr 21
Apr 20

Rare Words


acosmist - One who believes that nothing exists
paralian - A person who lives near the sea
aureate - Pertaining to the fancy or flowery words used by poets 
dwale - To wander about deliriously
sabaism - The worship of stars
dysphoria - An unwell feeling
aubade - A love song which is sung at dawn
eumoirous - Happiness due to being honest and wholesome
mimp - To speak in a prissy manner, usually with pursed lips

Apr 19

Ivy's Herbs and Witchery Mini Giveaway! →





Hello, lovelies! Due to my shop opening and 200+ followers on my blog, I’m doing a mini giveaway :D Hooray!

The giveaway consists of:

*1 pair of Pentagram Earrings

*1 sachet of assorted mini Healing Crystals

*1 herb pack of Damiana Leaf

*1 herb pack of Raspberry Leaf


Apr 18